At the time El first divided the Annangi people into ten Great Houses, the leader of the new House Tiamät was Chosen by El to be God-Emperor and ruler of the Realm. The role of The God-Emperor is hereditary, as is leadership of all Great Houses.

Although it is more usual for the First of Tiamät to be male, there have been females Chosen of El.

Giahn - The home planet of House Tiamät

The Largest city of Giahn surrounds the Imperial Palace and is known simply as the Imperial City.

At the heart of The God-Emperor's main residence, The Imperial Palace, is the Throne Room; a circular chamber with a dirt floor, built around the site of The Throne Of El.The Throne itself is a simple, block-shaped boulder, but all heirs to the Great Houses, and even The God-Emperor’s heir, must sit upon it at their time of sucession to be accepted or rejected by EL.

Other palaces on Giahn include The Palace of Winds, The Palace of Doors, The Summer Palace, and The Palace of Skies, each built on a site significant to the history of the Tiamäti people (see MAPS).

House Tiamät is divided into three clans; Ashik, a clan of fearsome warriors, Enna, a clan respected for its intellectual nature, and Gok, respected for their talents as bureaucrats and public servants. The majority of God-Emperors have been of Clan Ashik.

Principal Characters from House Tiamät

  • The God-Emperor Tsemkarun Ishät Ashik Tiamät, thirty sixth God-Emperor of the Realm
  • The God-Empress Ishiquel Enna Tiamät, aunt of The Kaskarudjan Kariiel Enna Naghar
  • Aqumät Ashik, First of Tiamät, only child and heir of Ishät and Ishiquel
  • Kandät Enna, a respected senior navigator.


House Maatu are known for their skill as Shamkarun or Charm singers. The vast majority of navigators are Maatu. Those of House Maatu are also expected to train as warriors and aspire to wield the maatu nasak, the twin blades, signature weapon of the elite Maatu warrior.

The Maatu home planet is Ekeridu and its capital city is Omar’Muin.

  • Shamkarun Manu Maatu, leader of House Maatu, formerly the God-Emperor’s General.
  • Shamkarun Anu, First of Maatu, a gifted Navigator.


A mercantile House, fond of the collection and display of material wealth. Faythan lifestyle creates a constant demand for art and crafted artefacts, and therefore many Nhadu live in Faythan cities despite their disapproval of the Faythan way of life.

The Faythan home planet is Aret, and its capital is New Belhadi.

Conspicuous wealth is central to Faythan culture, and architecture an important means of display. More than one Faythan city boasts an ostentatious Palace with magnificent parks and gardens, while on the outskirts the poor are living huddled beneath whatever cover they can find.


The healing House. All Naghari are gifted with healing energies. Naghari travel widely and in general prefer to live simply, collecting and studying herbs and substrates for their medicinal properties.

The naghari home planet is called Naghar. Orum is its principal city. Naghar is not overburdened with cities and infrastructure, but portals and Djan’rū are always kept well-tuned for easy access by navigators and immediate urgent response to calls for help.

  • Shamkarun Daniel Naghar, Leader of House Naghar.
  • Kaskarudjan Kariiel Enna Naghar, Daniel’s wife.
  • Ubaid of Naghar, a healer assigned to the Uri'madu
  • Alis of Naghar, Ubaid's wife, also assigned to the Uri'madu


 Enthusiastic but not always successful traders and entrepreneurs, Cantori are often highly skilled logisticians, administrators, and mercenaries.

The Cantori home planet is Cantor, and its capital city is Dallenath. Cantori cities tend to sprawl from a central clump of administrative buildings, and Dallenath is no exception.

There are many regulations and protocols observed on Cantori planets that have no meaning elsewhere. They are not widely upheld but are often used as a tool when required by the House Leader.


A mystical House with a reputation for prescience and an affinity with the strange and unusual. Many are talented Shamkarun or Ziquaran, some are navigators, and most have healing talents. They are very fond of home comforts and family company. Sharing among communities is the Trianogi way of life. They have a great disregard for authority, believing that community has greater worth.

Their home planet is Frith, and its capital city is Rian.

  • Tsemkarun Andel of Trianog, a diviner assigned to the Uri'madu.
  • Imadhara of Trianog, the previous kaskarudjan. 


House Nhadu is known for fine artisans who enjoy working with natural products, enhancing inherent beauty. They often have great ability as light-singers, metal smiths and jewellery makers. Nhadu tend to congregate in groups of mutual interest and are fond of festivals, especially ‘Day Of The Breath’ kite festival, held every 37 Heshian years when an equatorial wind circumnavigates the globe.

The Nhadu home planet is Grath, and its capital city is Bast. Hesh, however, is a Nhadu world of rapidly growing popularity, famous for its Arts and Crafts markets. It has also become the home of the Navigator’s Guild.

  • Nachiel, a fine artist contracted to the Uri'madu
  • Tam, Uri'madu cook 


Known for their ecological empathy, Lethians are often farmers and produce wine, beverages and fine foods. Lethians pride themselves on their resilience and self-reliance and are often explorers and first settlers on newly discovered planets.

The Lethian home planet is Lentath.
There are no cities on Lentath, and the Palace of the Leth is built in the style of a rambling manor. The largest regional centre is Erithel.

  • Arian Leth House Leader.
  • Shamkarun Huldar of Leth, ecologist, leader of team Uri'madu
  • Casco, (half-breed), logistician contracted to team Urimadu
  • Sari, Uri'madu team member
  • Lind, Urimadu team member
  • Bush and Topper, (brothers), Uri'madu team members


Those of House Hermes are known for their talent as Ziquarra, farspeakers who are able to travel beyond their bodies to communicate quickly and efficiently between the planets of the Realm.

All born to House Hermes are inherently protective of secrets. Most become messengers of the Realm and are often Marked by El when still quite young as Ziquarudjan. All Great Houses have Hermes assigned to them, but the attachment is at the Hermes discretion and individuals may be rotated at any time.

The Hermes home planet is Angera, a place seldom visited by outsiders.


All Rukh are warriors, or so the saying goes. Rukhish people tend to be loyal and obsessive and are often gifted Tsemkarun, (practitioners of mind-power).

The Rukn home-world is Haas, and the capital city is Haaseen. Rukhish cities are well ordered and clean. They are characterised by austere architecture, but the simple exteriors often hide a wealth of colour and warmth within.

  • Tsemkarun Ashemar Rukh, Leader of House Rukh.
  • Cobar, Uri'madu team member
  • Gento, Uri'madu team member