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What's in a name

Within the Realm, every individual has a personal name, however the name of an archangel is followed by an indication of their House. Archangels of Tiamät are also linked by name to the three clans of House Tiamät; Ashik, Enna and Gok.

All archangels are referred to as being of their house, for example Ubaid of Naghar, Alis of Naghar. Tiamäti, however, are referred to by clan then House, eg. Duvät Gok of Tiamät, or more commonly with their Clan suffix only, (since the clan is obviously 'of Tiamät'). For example, Kandät Enna is a Tiamäti belonging to clan Enna, Duvät Gok is a Tiamäti of clan Gok.

When referred to by their full formal name, the first-born child of the House Leader is called First, eg. Anu, First of Maatu. This signifies them as the heir to that Great House. The next oldest child is termed Second, then Third etc. In common usage the numerical position is dropped from a name.

Under normal circumstances, only a First may inherit House Leadership. After the death of the parent that was House Leader, the First is presented to the Throne of El in the Imperial Palace on Giahn. If accepted, they receive the Mark of their House on their back and become the new House Leader. If they are not accepted, they may die or be permanently maimed. In this case, the new leader will be Chosen from among their closest relatives, each trying in succession until one is accepted.

The leader of a Great House is often simply referred to by the name of their House, for example, The Trianog, or The Leth. When linking the personal name and House of a leader, 'of 'is not used, as in Arien Leth, or Manu Maatu. This rule also applies to husbands and wives of Great House Leaders, the partner of a Leader being automatically embraced by the term. For instance, both Manu and his wife, Ariel are collectively known as ‘The Maatu’.

Angels have House affiliation but are known only by their personal name. 

The following names are used as further examples:

  • Sari is an angel.
  • Alis of Naghar Tells us an individual named Alis is an archangel of House Naghar.
  • Shamkarun Huldar of Leth. Huldar is an archangel of House Leth. The prefix 'Shamkarun' identifies him as a gifted singer of charms.
  • Shamkarun Anu, First of Maatu. Anu is called First of Maatu because he is the firstborn of the House of Maatu.
  • Shamkarun Manu Maatu. Manu is not referred to as being 'of ' his house because he is the leader of House Maatu.
  • Kaskarudjan Kariiel Enna Naghar. This name tells us that Kariiel is an archangel of House Tiamät, clan Enna, and that she has married the leader of House Naghar. The prefix Kaskarudjan tells us that she is host to and master of the spirit-creatures, the Kaskaru.

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At the time El first divided the Annangi people into ten Great Houses, the leader of the new House Tiamät was Chosen by El to be God-Emperor and ruler of the Realm. The role of The God-Emperor is hereditary, as is leadership of all Great Houses.

Although it is more usual for the First of Tiamät to be male, there have been females Chosen of El.

Giahn - The home planet of House Tiamät

The Largest city of Giahn surrounds the Imperial Palace and is known simply as the Imperial City.

At the heart of The God-Emperor's main residence, The Imperial Palace, is the Throne Room; a circular chamber with a dirt floor, built around the site of The Throne Of El.The Throne itself is a simple, block-shaped boulder, but all heirs to the Great Houses, and even The God-Emperor’s heir, must sit upon it at their time of sucession to be accepted or rejected by EL.

Other palaces on Giahn include The Palace of Winds, The Palace of Doors, The Summer Palace, and The Palace of Skies, each built on a site significant to the history of the Tiamäti people (see MAPS).

House Tiamät is divided into three clans; Ashik, a clan of fearsome warriors, Enna, a clan respected for its intellectual nature, and Gok, respected for their talents as bureaucrats and public servants. The majority of God-Emperors have been of Clan Ashik.

Principal Characters from House Tiamät

  • The God-Emperor Tsemkarun Ishät Ashik Tiamät, thirty sixth God-Emperor of the Realm
  • The God-Empress Ishiquel Enna Tiamät, aunt of The Kaskarudjan Kariiel Enna Naghar
  • Aqumät Ashik, First of Tiamät, only child and heir of Ishät and Ishiquel
  • Kandät Enna, a respected senior navigator.


House Maatu are known for their skill as Shamkarun or Charm singers. The vast majority of navigators are Maatu. Those of House Maatu are also expected to train as warriors and aspire to wield the maatu nasak, the twin blades, signature weapon of the elite Maatu warrior.

The Maatu home planet is Ekeridu and its capital city is Omar’Muin.

  • Shamkarun Manu Maatu, leader of House Maatu, formerly the God-Emperor’s General.
  • Shamkarun Anu, First of Maatu, a gifted Navigator.

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